Made in DNA (mopedronin) wrote in otakubuddies,
Made in DNA

Robotech Remastered.... Overmastered? Underdone?

I have been checking out ROBOTECH REMASTERED, and I can't say I really enjoy it. As a fan of the original ROBOTECH (I must have seen it nearly 3 full times from beginning to end in the mid to late 80s when it was on TV), I grooved on the hardcore BGM, which in my opinion was actually better than the originals' soundtrack in many ways. But the REMASTERED features some whack sound effects that are way too loud, killing much of the soundtrack, and seem extremely out of place. I thought the idea of remastering was to clean up, not drown out. I can't say I really like this new version of ROBOTECH, and I hope I haven't missed my chance to pick up the original series with the origin series tacked on. That's what I thought the REMASTERED series was. Imagine my disappointment when I switched to the second audio channel and was treated to Spanish instead of Japanese. =P

Anyone else seen this travesty? Thoughts?

Made in DNA
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